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OCL Jamboree Schedule

Old Colony League Lacrosse Jamboree Schedule for June 9- Click Here

OCL Jamboree and Championship Rules and Expectations - Click Here

Saturday, June 9  at Union Point Sports Complex in Weymouth, Ma - 170 Memorial Grove Ave  - Directions

U-9   8 am - 11:20 am

U-11  8:40 am- 12:00 pm

U-13  10:40-4:40 pm

U-15   4:40-8:40 pm


Playoff Format-

  1. Top 8 teams are in Championship format with seedings based upon Week 7 Standings (as agreed by town directors).  Quarterfinal to Semifinal to Final Format.
  2. Losing teams in Quarterfinals are now placed into open pool with remaining teams and matchups are set with most comparable seedings to get the most competitive games. Matchups will be done after each round and posted on the Big Board by Field 2.  Please wait 15 minutes for matchups to be posted. Teams advancing to Semifinals will play where winners advance and then losers match up with each other in a Consolation Game.
  3. Tshirts are awarded after the Finals by the Hawks Tents at Front Stairs.

Game Rules-

  1. Single elimination format but every team plays 3 games regardless.
  2. U-9 plays 7 v 7 format with 4 x 4 goals. 2 Attack, 2 Mids, 2 Def, and a Goalie.
  3. U-11 plays 8 v 8 format with 6 x 6  goals. 2 Attack, 3 Mids, 2 Def, and a Goalie.
  4. U-13 and U-15 Plays Full Field.
  5. Games are 2- 17 minute halves running with one minute halftime.  The clock will run and work off universal horns. Games end off of the horn.
  6. If any game ends in a tie, a winner will be crowned using a 3 v 3 Braveheart system plus a goalie for 90 seconds.  After 90 seconds, a pure one v one plus goalie Braveheart will begin immediately with a faceoff. Games must end on time.

Spectator, Coach, and Player Rules for Union Point

  1. We are a guest of Union Point Sports Complex and follow the rules of It.  No food aside from Sports Drinks are allowed on the Turf- inside or outside.  
  2. Tailgating is allowed but we must be aware that parking will be tight at times.  If tailgating for the day, please set up in far parking lot beyond Field 2 to the Left.  There is also space in grassy areas across from Union Point as well. We demand all trash and food be removed at the end of the day.  Feel free to have all the towns set up a Tailgate area with tents together as it will make for a great atmosphere.
  3. Parents, players, and coachesâ?? behavior-
    1. THIS EVENT IS FOR THE KIDS. SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE SIDELINE WHERE PLAYERS HAVE THEIR BENCHES SET UP.  THIS GOES FOR THE ENTIRE SIDELINE.  When going half field, the spectators are set up to watch from the end of the fields.  
    2. We encourage vocal positive encouragement of your kids but not tolerate abuse of the officials or players by anyone in attendance.  This also goes for coaches and players with their behavior as well.


  1. We will be doing some random video as well as having some drone footage of the kids.
  2. We will not have food on site to sell as we know most of you are setting up tailgating.  There are restaurants 2 minutes out of Union Point. At 10 am, there is a cool set up a a few hundred yards away in THE HANGAR with all kinds of food, adult beverages, and other cool stuff.  
  3. T-shirts are available for Sale at $15 a shirt.  

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